Kilimanjaro: Private Tours & Treks

Are you ready to climb the rooftop of Africa? Mt Kilimanjaro stands at 19,341 ft / 5,895 m. The climb is challenging and dynamic, traversing a diverse collection of ecological environments and physical obstacles. 

We offer private Kilimanjaro tours and treks. You can choose one of the most common routes and paces, or we can work with you to customize a trek just for you. Contact us to learn more or take a look at some of our recommended treks and pictures from previous climbs. 

Let's climb the rooftop of Africa together!

Kilimanjaro Routes

Recommended Kilimanjaro Itineraries


Umbwe route is thought to be the most difficult way to climb Kilimanjaro. The trail from Umbwe gate to Barranco Camp is extremely steep which means the route is recommended for experienced hikers, so as to feel some challenge on the mountain.

Advantages: Steep climb for those who want a challenge and fewer other climbers on their route.

Disadvantages: Steep and unsuitable for inexperienced hikers. The trailhead may be very wet in rain season.

Suggested itineraries:
Umbwe Route (6 Days)


The Rongai route starts near the Holili border with Kenya. This route is recommended for climbers wanting to hike across the saddle. Rongai is one of the least crowded climbing routes on Kilimanjaro. We recommend a 6 or 7 day climb of Rongai.

Advantages: Remote, Eastern route,Fewer climbers, Ideal during rainy season and Possibility to see wildlife

Disadvantages: Remote, Eastern route, Fewer climbers and Ideal during rainy season.


Suggested Itineraries:
Rongai Route (6 days or 7 days)


These routes are usually climbed in 7, 8, or 9 days. Crater camp can be included in 8 or 9 day climbs. If you would like to summit via the western breach, please let us know in advance since you will need official documents to be signed at the gate before starting the climb. Alternatively, Crater campers can still ascend via Barafu camp.

Advantages: Scenic, Western ascent. Fewer climbers, beautiful views of Kilimanjaro. Crosses the scenic Shira Plateau, longer climb allowing for greater acclimatization (8 day recommended). High success rates. Possibility to see wildlife.

Disadvantages: More expensive as there are additional fees and it is a longer ride to the trailhead. May not be possible to access the trailhead during the wet season.

Suggested Itineraries:
Shira Route / Lemosho Route via Crater Camp (7 days or 8 days)


Along with the Lemosho 8 day climb, the Machame 7 day trek is our most popular climb. Access to the trailhead is easy and the climb is extremely scenic. Barranco camp, Machame’s third campsite, is a favorite among our mountain staff and from here it is a short day to Karanga camp.

Advantages: Scenic, Western ascent, Least expensive camping route, Varied scenery, Easy access to trailhead

Disadvantages: Most popular camping route

Suggested Itineraries:
Machame Route (7 Days) though Clients with less time can still take (6 Days)


The Northern Circuit route circles the mountain and is a rarely used route. It starts in the west, circles to the north, and ascends to the summit via Marangu.

Advantages: Fewer climbers, sees most of the mountain and climb routes. Circles Kilimanjaro to the North. Long climb allowing for greater acclimatization and possibility to combine camping and huts.

Disadvantages: Long route taking minimum of 9 days.

Suggested Itineraries:
Northern Circuit Route (9 to 12 Days)


Kilimanjaro Trekking books the Marangu route least out of all its climbs. It is possible to climb marangu in only 5 days, However, we recommend 6 days to allow for acclimatization.

Advantages: Least expensive route. Easy access to trailhead and bunk beds in hut accommodations.

Disadvantages: More crowded, lower success rates due to inadequate acclimatization.


Suggested Itineraries:
Marangu Route (5 days / 6 days)

Nee help? We can help you find the right route for you and your party.