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17. June 2015 Comments (0) News, Travel Tips

Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro

best-time-to-climb01 best-time-to-climb02Kilimanjaro’s dry season, and also the busiest time to climb is June through October. December through early March is also a busy time on the mountain although there tends to be rain and snow. Clear skies are more likely from June to October, as the cloud cover burns off after the tree line.

Because Kilimanjaro is such a large mountain, it has its own weather pattern – it often rains on Mount Kilimanjaro when it is not raining elsewhere. You should prepare for rain and have your rain gear with you at all times while on the mountain.

The coldest temperature experienced at the summit is around -30C. The lower elevations can be quite hot, so pack for a wide range of temperatures. Directly after the long rains, it’s a wonderful time to visit Tanzania’s national parks due to the abundance of wildflowers and vegetation. It is also a great time to go on safari because there is less dust and tourist numbers are minimal. These means, you can easy climb Mt. Kilimanjaro all year round.

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