Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro

Trekking Equipments

17. June 2015 Comments (0) News, Travel Tips

Tips For The Customers

tips-for-customersFirst of all I would like start with the training plan for you to be fit ready for the climb. You will have much more pleasant time on the mountain if you are fit and health though altitude sickness is the main reason why people fail to reach the summit.


  • Try to do Aerobic exercises just to improve oxygen consumption in the body. This means, thirty minutes to an hour of jogging, cycling, climbing stairs or brisk walking are good as aerobic exercises.
  • Go to any gym near by you for strengthen your legs.
  • If you don’t access to gym equipments, don’t worry. Nothing is better preparation than going for a long walk. A walk provides excellent aerobics, and strengthening leg muscles.

Pack your essential climb items (down jacket, walking boots etc) in your hand luggage as if your hold luggage gets lost your climb won’t be unable to commence Take sweets; great for sustaining sugar levels on long climbing days and for sharing with your fellow climbers and crew Walk as slowly as you can on the way up Kilimanjaro to minimize the effects of altitude, allow the body to adjust, and get the most out of the fascinating changing flora and fauna, and the stunning scenery.

Drink plenty on Kilimanjaro, even when not thirsty, and have target levels that you must have in terms of number of litres to keep hydrated. An integrated water carrier system (camelback or similar) is good for this. Eat plenty during the climb even when you are not hungry, to keep energy levels up to help with the cold and altitude Take flavoured cordial or fruit squash to mix with the water while climbing to disguise the water purification tablet taste Take antibacterial hand gel Take cash for tipping your crew on the last day with you up Kilimanjaro

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